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COVID-19 testing for all

At MedWise® Urgent Care, we believe everyone deserves access to coronavirus testing. As your trusted healthcare resource, we care as much as you do about keeping your family healthy. Here’s how we’re going above and beyond to care for you and those you love:

  • On-site testing available to everyone
  • Walk-ins welcome. No prior authorization required.
  • Low-cost

COVID antibody testing is the process by which we check to see if the immune system recognizes the virus that causes COVID-19. For people who have been infected or vaccinated, the immune system will produce proteins (called antibodies) that are intended to fight off subsequent exposures. Although imperfect, this test is designed to help identify whether a person has evidence of these antibodies. COVID antibody testing is now available at all MedWise locations.

Committed to keeping you safe

These are exceptional times. Your trust in our providers, our facility and our clinics drives everything we do. Here’s how we’re protecting the health of our patients and our staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Strict adherence to enhanced sanitizing and cleaning protocols. This includes frequent sanitizing of equipment and high-touch surfaces.
  • Readily available hand sanitizer for patients and staff.
  • Convenient online check-in available. Once checked in, simply wait in your car and a practitioner will call when it’s your turn.
  • Social distancing promoted in clinic.
  • Frequent contact with local health departments to ensure our clinics meet or exceed guidelines.
    1. Special process for those exposed to COVID-19 or other communicable illness.
    2. Before entering the clinic, please call and a staff member will bring you a mask.
    3. Either check-in online and wait for an available practitioner, or maintain a 6ft. social distance in the clinic while waiting.
    4. Wear a mask at all times if you have a cough or respiratory symptoms.